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Make Money Solving Problems

Actually, it doesn’t matter what business you’re in.  If you own a business, then your time will be spent solving problems.

Many of those problems will have nothing to do with making money.  But, they are necessary to keep a business running smoothly.

Whether, it’s dealing with employees, getting the printer or fax fixed, or like today, dealing with a leaking air conditioner that floods the office, you are always solving problems.

The number one aptitude a business owner should have is problem solving. If you can’t or won’t face and deal with problems head on, then you have no chance of being successful. There will be too many obstacles and if you are timid, they will overcome you.

You need to not only endure the problems, but welcome them and enjoy solving them. That is how you make money.

To quote the Bhagavad Gita, “…happy the warrior To whom comes the joy of battle- comes, as now, Glorious and fair, unsought; opening for him a gateway unto Heaven.”

Disillusionment Began For Me In 1969

I was 21 years old, in the Air Force and in VietNam.  I was stationed at Tan Son Nhut air base in Saigon. The year was 1969.

I was in Air Intelligence, had a SSIR security clearance (Super Sensitive Information Restricted).  This was on top of the Top Secret security clearance I had.

I was a photo interpreter.  Reconnaissance jets, RF-4 (F4′s with the guns removed and cameras added), would go on missions to take pictures of areas of interest.  They would come back to the base, the film, in negative form, would be given to us and we would look at it for troop activity, AAA sites, SAM sites and other targets of interest.

stereoscope used by Michael Gravette

stereoscope used by Michael Gravette

My special area of expertise was Laos. After a while I knew it like the back of my hand. The frames in the film were around 5″ X 5″.  I used stereoscope to look for targets and activity.  The frames on the roll of film overlapped so you could get a 3D effect using the stereoscope.

One day, I was asked to review film of Cambodia. They brought me over 70 cans of reconnaissance film of Cambodia.  They were looking for potential targets, anything to justify extending the war into Cambodia.

To make a long story short, something was found and we (US Air Force) began bombing Cambodia 3 times a day.  The B-52′s flew out of Thailand.  There were code words given to the strikes.  We called them Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

The disillusionment came from President Nixon.  Up until then, not like today, most people trusted their government.  But, when Nixon would go on TV in the States and tell everyone that he was not going to attack Cambodia and I knew we were bombing it 3 times a day, it was a AH HA moment.  My innocence was gone and it hasn’t returned.

I believe that government is necessary for a society.  But, the government should exist to benefit and help the people…not people exist to help and benefit the government.

Too Much Bias

There are a bunch of scandals going on in the Obama administration.  The president doesn’t admit to knowing anything.

People ask why he can get away with this.  Its simple, he can do whatever he wants.  He has the press, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, the unions, illegal immigrants, Jews and the Catholic church all protecting him.

I would like to ask those same people and groups, what their attitude would be if all this was happening to Bush, not Obama.  What would they do and say if Bush was involved in so much scandal. Would they protect Bush?  Hardly!

I wish the press would get back to doing what they should be doing – reporting the facts, all the facts. I keep thinking there must be some very frustrated journalists who realize they are missing out on a sure Pulitzer Prize by not investigating what is happening in Washington.  But, they can’t do it.  They be out of a job.